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After 10+ years (TEN YEARS!) of

  • Using AI for constantly enhancing Gmail Anti-spam filters
  • Billions of messages fed to it (ruining our privacy completely)
  • Constantly learning, learning and learning, over and over again

Gmail anti-spam filters not only considers a 100% legit email from the world biggest on-line services provider as a spam. They also think it might be dangerous to me...

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We all know that Gmail is managed and developed by morons (as all Google services). But... this?

Gmail is unable to fetch email for... NINE FUCKING DAYS and does NOTHING to inform user about that? No notification or error message in the front page...

Nothing to tell the user that "no mail in your mailbox" actually means "an error".

I am leaving Google! Effectively and permanently! I am slowly (as my other obligations allows) move all my services out of this mad company.


Because it employs morons and I don't want to neither work with nor talk to idiots.

Here you have a beautiful example:

Gmail is not able to fetch email from some external account for TWENTY ONE DAYS and... displays absolutely no warning in the main screen.

The only way user is able to learn that something is wrong with its credentials, account etc. is to dig through settings. Because there is no feature to display such important (the most important!) message in Gmail's main screen.

I cannot imagine deepness of stupidity of a person who designed Gmail in this way.

I know that a team that develops "rich editor" in Google Calendar is nothing more than a bunch of idiots and ignorants.

I know that there are nasty bugs that changes content that you put there each and every time you save an even. Bugs that remains un-fixed for years.

But, this...

I mean... pushing unfiltered HTML content into server and then getting it (again, unfiltered) back to mobile device? This is something I wouldn't expect to happen even among Google Devs Ignorant Team.

Believe it or not, but Google Maps folks at Google are stupid enough to not invent any kind of "switch" in Gmail's spam filter that would prevent marking their own messages as "not spam":

And Gmail's folks are stupid enough to design spam filter in the way that after 3 years (!) of treating Google Maps' emails as a legit and valid messages, suddenly started to mark them as a spam.

Yes, they've fuck it up... again!

That's the reason of years-long Google policy of deploying new features and version as fast as possible, without even a tiny QA.

These idiots are so lame and stupid that are able to break up even the most core feature (sending emails) during one of latest releases and not even notice this!

We have XXI century for 21 years so far and we have (in Europe) GDPR for three years. Privacy is key concern for everyone using Internet today, but not in Google.

Because Google hires a complete ignorants and morons at deciding level, which completely doesn't understand the meaning of the word "privacy", you are forced to use your real name in every Google Service.

And hell can get cold, but you won't be able to change this.

Effect? Millions of people are changing their names in their Google Accounts to some fake ones. Congratulate, Google Mornos!

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It may happen in a really remote area (with a really poor Internet coverage) that Google Find My Device service won't be able to locate your device. In such situation you will be forced into... agreeing Find My Device service's T&Cs... again.

And then... over and over again... each time you hit "Refresh":

A real idiot must be responsible for writing this part of code.

Who else, if not a complete moron, could figure out such idiotic thing like displaying T&Cs, if there is no connection to the device?

Who else, if not a complete moron, could failed to catch such thing at QA stage?

Since past few months Google has a serious problems in aligning their services with notifications they're sending to their users. For example, I am constantly getting a warning emails that I am sharing my location 24 hour per day with some persons. And when, in response to that email, I am checking this feature in my mobile Google Maps, it turns out that my location sharing is turned off.

Which is an obvious truth (at least for me) in my case because I have never ever enabled constant location sharing to anyone and I am only sharing:

  • on even basis -- until I reach given place when navigating in Google Maps,
  • on time basis -- for up to 1 hour ahead

So I am constantly sharing my location only to Google, NSA and USA gov! :>

Today, however, Google has surprised me again, with its inability to do a simple math. My 30% storage left magically turned out into 70%.

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Finally it can save passwords as a serie of stars! Fuck, yes! :>

No, Virginia, this user did not used all-stars as his password. He used a regular password with all the necessary characters, as defined by privacy policy in the given websiste. It was just a morons at Google Chrome dev team who developed such a crap.

To increase your security your card details are never revealed to the merchant or transaction issuer. A virtual card is used instead:

This may produce a pretty fuckup, when you use public transport system.

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You can't add any kind of review to any Google Play app under Microsoft Edge, because a review form that initially looks like this:

turns into this after 2-3 seconds since opening:

And nothing helps. Refreshing etc. Always the same. Unless you're able to add full review and rating in less than 2 seconds you won't be able to add it at all.

And nobody gives a damn shit about this. Neither Microsoft nor Google.

Recent changes in Google Navigation design, look and feel can actually kill you (yes... literally!). You will be staring to the map more than to the road to try to see info that was shown clearly and undoubtedly before these pathetic updates. Or you will be forced to make last second (again, literally!) decisions.

Both road behaviours can lead you into a serious troubles and even kill you in WCS.

Unfortunately, Google employs too many morons and have users' opinions too deeply in the ass to understand it.

Because there aren't too many applications that can literally lead to your death then this particular example is surely worth awarding "Golden Fuckup of the Year 2019", if not "Golden Fuckup of the Decade".

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When winter ends and March is coming, Google Calendar fails completely on event repetition functionality for events that are repeated by the end of each month:

It doesn't have such a repetition value like "end of month". And Google Calendar's developers are morons and didn't figured out that event set to repeat on 30th or 29th of each month must appear on February 28 in each non-leap year.

When you open up settings screen in Google's Photos app, you'll see this:

That's pretty much everything about how Google care for you, what you may want or think. Zero! You're useless, mindless idiot. You cannot control, set or change anything. You must use this app (and everything from Google) in the exact way how Google is telling you.

This is the pure madness of Google. This is the pure madness of today's IT. This is the pure madness of the world we're living today in. We control nothing. Others tells us how to live.


With the introduction of a new Gmail design you cannot access contacts quickly and you have to add yourself a shortcut to 9-dot menu (another stupidity by Google):

This will open the "new" Contacts screen in a separate tab.

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It turns out that number of fuckups and wasted things in the new Google Calendar design gets bigger and bigger. Not only Google Morons introduced a lot of new shits, but also wasted something what was working pretty perfectly in previous ("old") version of Google Calendar!

Liked previous post? There's more to come!

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A brand, new Google Calendar interface design has flourished recently.

Unfortunately, entire power of dev team was spared on changing look & feel. No significant changes in logic & functionality can be observed. Including, still absolute lack of drag-and-drop event copying. Again, Google Idiots failed to discover and develop this awfully obvious functionality!

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There are two ways of deleting a message in Gmail. You can delete entire thread (by using Delete button) or just one message in it:

The second delete won't be replicated in mobile Gmail. You will see this message still appearing in given thread, just as you would ever delete it. You must purge Bin folder in order to get this message delete in mobile Gmail.

Another fuckup discovered in Android... and in mindless heads of Google dev fucks.