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Google Navigation can kill you!

Recent changes in Google Navigation design, look and feel can actually kill you (yes... literally!). You will be staring to the map more than to the road to try to see info that was shown clearly and undoubtedly before these pathetic updates. Or you will be forced to make last second (again, literally!) decisions.

Both road behaviours can lead you into a serious troubles and even kill you in WCS.

Unfortunately, Google employs too many morons and have users' opinions too deeply in the ass to understand it.

Because there aren't too many applications that can literally lead to your death then this particular example is surely worth awarding "Golden Fuckup of the Year 2019", if not "Golden Fuckup of the Decade".

As reported in details here and here after recent updates and changes do Google Maps / Google Navigation you:

  1. Don't see ETA for alternate road to the very end. For most of the time this information is covered with completely useless, huge street name label. This forces you to make "which way" decisions some times in the very last seconds. Causing a huge danger on the roads.
  2. Lane assist will show you details about a turn miles ahead while completely ignoring next turn or manoeuvre. Instead of getting a clear information on which lane to follow, you will be forced to stare at the map, to see tiny track line. And you will have your eyes off-the-road dangerously too long.

More details below.

No ETA. Last second decisions

Previously, you could see ETAs for all the alternative roads minutes from the decision point. You had enough time to decide without any stress.

But then, some moron or morons came to Google Navigation's team and said that this is wrong. He, she or they decided that showing an absolutely crucial information for drivers (ETAs) is way less important than showing a completely useless street name.

Here you have some examples of the change that Google morons figured out.

200 meters to turn (10 seconds, if you're driving 70 km/h) and not ETA:

10 seconds to a turn and nothing...

40 meters (2 seconds!) to turn and still no ETA:

2 seconds for a decision and... still nothing!

But… you see fucken street name (like that would be worth any shit)!

0 meters (you're turning!) and you finally see ETA:

ETA appears when you are actually turning...

And you realize that alternative road had the same ETA, and since you know that it was better (i.e. less traffic lights) then you are turning only to figure out that you didn't want to turn at all. Fuck you, Google!

Conclusion? Now, you know the street name, which you're about to turn. But, you don't know, whether you want to turn into it. Because, to the very last moment you don't know, if taking that road will be profitable for you or not.

Only idiots at Google don't understand that which interface like that most drivers will be making last second decisions causing a very lot of danger on roads and virtually risking their lives of lives or others.

No lane assist. Staring at the map

Previously, lane assist was showing you which lane you should follow on each and every crossroad or road turn. I.e. everywhere, where decision must be made. Even for most obvious ones. To make a decision, you only needed a less than second look at the screen, because suggested lane was clearly reported there.

But then, another moron came to Google and decided that you will see this information only for some distant crossroads and no for the closest one.

Here you have an example that lane assistant shows no information about which lane to take on the next crossroad (and not in the next five or six decision points with multiple lines), but about a crossroad 3+ kilometres ahead.

Completely useless line assist in Google Maps

Now, instead of a quick look you have to stair at the map to figure out your actual way or lane on the next crossroad. And you have to take your eyes off the road for way to long to assure safe driving.


I am by no means affiliated with Google (no, God, fuck, no!) so I don't know how many morons per typical department their employment policy assures. Nor I don't what is their decision structure. But, I know one thing. People responsible for proposing and accepting changes that can cost someone's life should be shoot and their bodies should be hanging trees as an example.

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