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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is NOT 42!

It's 10! At least according to Math Salamanders...

My old math teacher was always telling us that dividing zero by any number always gives zero. And when trying to divide anything by zero we always run into an error as such operation is not permitted:

The saddest part of this story was that our teacher has never revealed to us what happens, if one tries to divide zero by zero? There were some rumors that such operations opens an interdimensional gates to the very Math Hell!

Well... according to Math Salamanders it is not quite like that...

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When you are downloading something from SourceForge they what to show you a quick overview on when this or that thing was last time released, active etc. And so... looking today (October 8th) we can learn that April 9th was half a year ago:

In the same time we can discover that... April 6th was... a year ago!

Well, I'd love to have Spring again! :)

It is just a very small element. Thus, you can be surprised how this once great software hosting house could waste it.

After 10+ years (TEN YEARS!) of

  • Using AI for constantly enhancing Gmail Anti-spam filters
  • Billions of messages fed to it (ruining our privacy completely)
  • Constantly learning, learning and learning, over and over again

Gmail anti-spam filters not only considers a 100% legit email from the world biggest on-line services provider as a spam. They also think it might be dangerous to me...

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We all know that Gmail is managed and developed by morons (as all Google services). But... this?

Gmail is unable to fetch email for... NINE FUCKING DAYS and does NOTHING to inform user about that? No notification or error message in the front page...

Nothing to tell the user that "no mail in your mailbox" actually means "an error".

Edge has (among many other!) a very cool feature of generating scientific cite for each site you visit. All you have to do, is to click two items in browser's menu:

Pity is that... it doesn't work! :)

And, no... the problem with an incorrect date does not come from the fact that there is no actual page opened. As I managed to check it, this works like that on every page that you visit and would like to cite!

Some time ago Vimeo has silently changed their prices for their paid services. If you have "an old" account (enrolled before that changed happened) you see a different prices (much lower!) and you have a different terms (much more favorable!) than you are offered when you register a new Vimeo account today.

In short and sharp words: You are paying (much!) more for getting (much!) less!

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A typical maps and dash software update for Peugeot cars is... well, huge!

Given the poor performance of the on-board entertainment hardware, you can easily assume that updating this package will take at least two to three hours.

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I am trying to setup a DDNS domain at my Asus RT-AX58U router. I am asking it to use domain and it replies that this is impossible... because domain has already been registered:

-- Is is red?

-- Yes, it is back!

"I speak English not good, but understand well".

Did you know that it is possible to unzip (sic!) Unix .tar files under Windows? At least according to Asus FAQ:

The reality is unfortunately a much more sad:

You cannot unzip (or untar?) a .tar file without additional special application neither under Windows 10 nor even under Windows 11. Folks at Asus has been using a "different" Windows, sorry.

For some really, really weird reason somebody at Microsoft figured out that it will be very cool to register Ctrl+C as a shortcut that:

  • Scrolls up page to the very top
  • Shifts focus to the query box ("Ask me anything…")
  • Opens up search history
enter image description here

Moron who did it forgot that about 2 billion people around the world is using Ctrl+C for… copying selected text.

Is there really anyone out there that much stupid?

Well, in the past 35 years of my IT history I've seen really weird things and a total crap. But, this... goes far beyond my imagination.

I managed to catch a situation in Word 365 when it is able to find either all or just part of result set depending on whether you have or you have not selected a column in table.

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I am leaving Google! Effectively and permanently! I am slowly (as my other obligations allows) move all my services out of this mad company.


Because it employs morons and I don't want to neither work with nor talk to idiots.

Here you have a beautiful example:

Gmail is not able to fetch email from some external account for TWENTY ONE DAYS and... displays absolutely no warning in the main screen.

The only way user is able to learn that something is wrong with its credentials, account etc. is to dig through settings. Because there is no feature to display such important (the most important!) message in Gmail's main screen.

I cannot imagine deepness of stupidity of a person who designed Gmail in this way.

I know that a team that develops "rich editor" in Google Calendar is nothing more than a bunch of idiots and ignorants.

I know that there are nasty bugs that changes content that you put there each and every time you save an even. Bugs that remains un-fixed for years.

But, this...

I mean... pushing unfiltered HTML content into server and then getting it (again, unfiltered) back to mobile device? This is something I wouldn't expect to happen even among Google Devs Ignorant Team.

You could think that European most recognizable car safety corporation, EuroNCAP, hires a professional development team to take care of their website.

You could... but you'd wrong.

Because they're actually hiring a moron-coders so lame and deeply ignorant that they can't even handle "0 results" situation properly.

How stupid and ignorant developer you must be to not be able do code search mechanism correctly? How stupid and ignorant manager you must be to higher such person to your team?

Believe it or not, but Google Maps folks at Google are stupid enough to not invent any kind of "switch" in Gmail's spam filter that would prevent marking their own messages as "not spam":

And Gmail's folks are stupid enough to design spam filter in the way that after 3 years (!) of treating Google Maps' emails as a legit and valid messages, suddenly started to mark them as a spam.

An absolute gem! I find hard it to believe that such thing is possible in year 2022! And that no tester has ever caught such enormously stupid thing:

The good question is who to blame? Firefox testers, Twitter QA or both? But, the truth is that such thing is possible only in Firefox. Any other (normal) browser works exactly as expected and shows "0 Following".

I personally love and adore Vimeo and think that with their offer (and website design!) YouTube simply sucks totally. But, in the same time I must admit that a freak from Vimeo team who actually:

  • Created twenty five notification options
  • Made all of them enabled by default
  • Didn't created any "Turn off all feature" (causing me to click 25 times!)

Must be bitten hard and sent to clean shit made by elephants in Burma ZOO.

Because this guy knows absofukenlutly nothing about UX!

The recipe is simple: Login to Roundcube and while being logged in, change your Internet connection (to get a new IP address and invalidate current session). Results? Well...

Yes, but no.

No... it couldn't be worse! From the UX and design perspective this is a nightmare!

OK, after years of refusing, I finally decided to register an Instagram account. No, no fukin self-promotion, but rather to "save" company name for a future-use project, before someone takes it for me.

I went to that dully website, filled all those tiny (at my large screen) forms, provided some verification code to tell these morons that I am not a robot (like they're) and... then I hit the wall with the "Open Proxy" sign on it.

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