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For recording sport activities Strava is just great. Full of features with great community and cheap paid subscription.

The problem is that everything works only when... everything works. If anything starts malfunctioning, is missing or isn't working as you expected then you are totally screwed. Because this is yet another company that has a support beyond any critics or imagination. That totally doesn't give a shit on their customers!

Yes, even those paid ones!

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We have XXI century for 21 years so far and we have (in Europe) GDPR for three years. Privacy is key concern for everyone using Internet today, but not in Google.

Because Google hires a complete ignorants and morons at deciding level, which completely doesn't understand the meaning of the word "privacy", you are forced to use your real name in every Google Service.

And hell can get cold, but you won't be able to change this.

Effect? Millions of people are changing their names in their Google Accounts to some fake ones. Congratulate, Google Mornos!

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It may happen in a really remote area (with a really poor Internet coverage) that Google Find My Device service won't be able to locate your device. In such situation you will be forced into... agreeing Find My Device service's T&Cs... again.

And then... over and over again... each time you hit "Refresh":

A real idiot must be responsible for writing this part of code.

Who else, if not a complete moron, could figure out such idiotic thing like displaying T&Cs, if there is no connection to the device?

Who else, if not a complete moron, could failed to catch such thing at QA stage?