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I personally love and adore Vimeo and think that with their offer (and website design!) YouTube simply sucks totally. But, in the same time I must admit that a freak from Vimeo team who actually:

  • Created twenty five notification options
  • Made all of them enabled by default
  • Didn't created any "Turn off all feature" (causing me to click 25 times!)

Must be bitten hard and sent to clean shit made by elephants in Burma ZOO.

Because this guy knows absofukenlutly nothing about UX!

The recipe is simple: Login to Roundcube and while being logged in, change your Internet connection (to get a new IP address and invalidate current session). Results? Well...

Yes, but no.

No... it couldn't be worse! From the UX and design perspective this is a nightmare!

There are two approaches in UX into naming of call-to-action buttons in popups:

  • name buttons in all popups using generic names -- OK and Cancel
  • use Cancel + title of dialog as a confirm or call-to-action button's title

Well... Atlassian / Jira picked up the second one. And here are the results:

And now, what... Mike and Scott? Should we... cancel this?