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For 20+ years I was a developer, then a business analyst and product manager. At each of these positions, it was always natural for me to find bugs and fuckups. Nowadays, more and more companies release products full of bugs, so searching for fuckups has become a twisted hobby for me.

I am an absolute opponent of open source. Mainly because:

  • if someone does not get money for their work then in 8/10 causes makes a shit;
  • too many people around the world think that if they give something for free, it can be total shit, full of bugs, flaws and mistakes;
  • too many open source representatives are so pumped up with pseudo-prestige (because they "do the world good for free") that they openly and brazenly treat their users like complete crap.

For the above reasons (and a few others), I look for bugs  in everything that is available for free or at least touches the open source formula. I am assuming that nobody forces you to do open source. But, if you do, do it right. And the mere fact that someone does something for others for free in no way justifies that he can do total trash. Shit will smell equally bad whether you paid for it or got it for free…

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and I wish you a good reading! Author