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Did you know that it is possible to unzip (sic!) Unix .tar files under Windows? At least according to Asus FAQ:

The reality is unfortunately a much more sad:

You cannot unzip (or untar?) a .tar file without additional special application neither under Windows 10 nor even under Windows 11. Folks at Asus has been using a "different" Windows, sorry.

For some really, really weird reason somebody at Microsoft figured out that it will be very cool to register Ctrl+C as a shortcut that:

  • Scrolls up page to the very top
  • Shifts focus to the query box ("Ask me anything…")
  • Opens up search history
enter image description here

Moron who did it forgot that about 2 billion people around the world is using Ctrl+C for… copying selected text.

Is there really anyone out there that much stupid?