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Why Instagram is run by a complete morons?

OK, after years of refusing, I finally decided to register an Instagram account. No, no fukin self-promotion, but rather to "save" company name for a future-use project, before someone takes it for me.

I went to that dully website, filled all those tiny (at my large screen) forms, provided some verification code to tell these morons that I am not a robot (like they're) and... then I hit the wall with the "Open Proxy" sign on it.

The beginning of all hell!

It started with this:

First of all, I have no fukin idea, what "Open Proxy" is and why do I have to care? Morons at Instagram didn't care to explain. Writing this in a simple language of "your IP address is blocked" surpasses their mental abilities, naturally.

That's some kind of psychotic syndrome -- to make really simple things really complicated -- if I am not mistaken (I'm not!).

It is getting worse...

OK, so I went to this dully page only to see this:

Where the fok is anything about "Open Proxy"?

OK, let's use their stupid search box.

Fuk me, nothing! My account hasn't been hacked (cause I don't have one yet, you worms!), I can't find my Instagram username (cause... you guess it!), I don't give a shit about Shopping Availability (and what the fok it has to do with open proxy?), I don't know and I don't care what Spring is...

...and worse!

Finally! Sixth link from the top! Something about registration...

Oh, God... There's absofuckenlutly nothing about Open Proxy here!

OK, that was far enough for me, but... the very same second that I wanted to leave this dully webpage, run by a complete morons, a small notification pop up, if I think the above information was useful. They've asked, so I answered:

You are blocking registrations due to "open proxy" and you have absolutely nothing in your stupid help system about it. I have to search the Internet in order to get answer, what should I do when Instagram doesn't want to allow me enrolling a new account. Is it possible to make a worse impression on your new users than you're already making?

The stupidity champions!

And the biggest fuckup of all Instagram fuckups... I'd say a Golden 2022 Fuckup...

How stupid you must be to design blocked IP address check at the very end of the registration process? Not:

  • when user opens registration page or
  • after it provides basic registration info

But only after it checks its email or phone and provide validation code...

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