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Gmail anti-spam filters vs Amazon Web Services

After 10+ years (TEN YEARS!) of

  • Using AI for constantly enhancing Gmail Anti-spam filters
  • Billions of messages fed to it (ruining our privacy completely)
  • Constantly learning, learning and learning, over and over again

Gmail anti-spam filters not only considers a 100% legit email from the world biggest on-line services provider as a spam. They also think it might be dangerous to me...

Today I have registered a new Amazon Web Services account. This operations ends up with AWS sending you four confirmation emails. There of those emails (75% of them), including email validation check message were treated by Gmail like that:

In the same time the very same anti-spam filters are passing as OK hundreds (!) of messages each day to enrich my spiritual life, to enlarge my pennis or to make sure that I won't pass by an opportunity to get 100 million of dollars that are supposedly waiting for me "just a click away"!

We may rest assured that the global AI domination is still far, far away!

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