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Mixed data in booking overview in Wizzair has a nasty bug in "Booking Overview" section.

If it happens that you have two or more bookings existing in the same time, you will learn that two of these tabs contains incorrect (probably: cached) data, if you open both itineraries in the same time (i.e. in two separate browser tabs).

It isn't an easy to spot fuckup, because not many passenegers has two or more active bookings in the same time. And thus it is even more sweet that I managed to catch up that nasty fucker! :>

If you open "Booking Overview" section for any itinerary, you will see four tabs:

  • booking details,
  • invoices,
  • price details and
  • payment details.

If you login to and go to your dashboard (main page shown after login) and from that view middle-click (to open in a new browser tab) on "Details" link for first and then for second itinerary then second and third booking tab will always show the same data (in all opened browsers tabs) irresponsible of the booking you're actually looking at:

  • invoices will always show price and invoice number from second itinerary,
  • price details will always show data for first itinerary.

Only first and (passenger data) and last (payment data) booking tabs will show correct information, i.e. always actual and corresponding to the booking you're looking at.

So, this is a perfectly normal situation (due to above bug) that you will see i.e. price for fare, administration fee, seat reservation and baggage three times (actually: six time, if ticket is for both way travel) in "Price Details" tab even though this particular booking has only one passenger (in "Booking Details" tab).

This is because first tab ("Booking Details") always fetches correct data for corresponding itinerary while third tab ("Price Details") can have data cached from previous itinerary, you were looking at.

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