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Brand, new Google Calendar. Still no DND copying!

A brand, new Google Calendar interface design has flourished recently.

Unfortunately, entire power of dev team was spared on changing look & feel. No significant changes in logic & functionality can be observed. Including, still absolute lack of drag-and-drop event copying. Again, Google Idiots failed to discover and develop this awfully obvious functionality!

It was last call for it to get usability / layout update because previous Google Calendar layout didn't pretty much change since the very beginning (2009) and actually offered look & feel like applications was looking and working ten years ago.

Unfortunately, changes to look & feel are all that you can expect.

Google fucks' and morons' brains still isn't compatible enough to figure out that pressing Ctrl button while dragging and dropping an event could actually make a copy of it, instead of moving it to the new term!

To make a copy of event you, again (!), have to:

  • click an event,
  • click edit icon,
  • click More actions,
  • select Duplicate item,
  • change event's date manually,
  • save changed, duplicated item.

Gigantic waste of time!

But, hey! After eight years since maturing from beta (2009) Google Calendar received its first general update. Rest well! Within next eight years, around year 2025 we may expect to see drag-and-drop event cloning in Google Fukky Calendar!

2 thoughts on “Brand, new Google Calendar. Still no DND copying!

  1. Ralf Weber

    So it looked like 10 years ago. So what? It worked, you could see all the information in one place, I was used with it. Why should I need something new that only hinders me?

    1. admin

      You have your opinion, I have mine. For me it is still missing a lot of very useful functionalities. And now it also have a lot of stupid bugs.


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