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Contacts fuckup in a new Gmail design

With the introduction of a new Gmail design you cannot access contacts quickly and you have to add yourself a shortcut to 9-dot menu (another stupidity by Google):

This will open the "new" Contacts screen in a separate tab.

However, you can search for a particular person using Gmail's omnibar, hit that small arrow and then select Edit contact details from context menu:

And then... bang! All your contacts groups gone, a dully "old" Contacts design and some more...

Lovely! And now, what... Sergey and Larry?

10 thoughts on “Contacts fuckup in a new Gmail design

  1. Suzanne Close

    I too am thoroughly frustrated. I need to delete some members in a group and I have no access to contacts. No way to edit them. Instructions say there is an edit button on the top right. There is NOT. Then, it said that if there isn't, you have an old version. I don't have an old version and their fix on that is to go to "old contacts". Where the Hell is old contacts?

    1. Katalina

      Every time some new phone or app comes out its guaranteed that it will fuck up something that was easy and beneficial in the old one. I believe that the majority of things invented are by people who never use them.

  2. Eamonn Elliott

    Every time Google upgrades to a 'New' "improved" version they mess up the contacts. I have lost valuable contacts email addresses because of this over the years. Addresses that I had put in their improved 'folder' system many year ago. Overnight they changed it to another system, leaving me with no contacts. Now almost all the contacts that are not in my "contacts on my phone have disappeared. Why can't Google leave well alone.It is almost impossible to add new contacts on the computer version. Now emails I have marked as safe are still going into spam despite me adding it to contacts. Are they planning on bringing out an instruction manual and make people buy it before they use Google or Start a degree in How to use Google. I wouldn't put it past them.


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