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I know that a team that develops "rich editor" in Google Calendar is nothing more than a bunch of idiots and ignorants. I know that there are nasty bugs that changes content that you put there each and every time you save an even. Bugs that remains un-fixed for years. But, this... I mean... pushing ...continue reading "Google Calendar’s HTML Blob Fuckup"

When winter ends and March is coming, Google Calendar fails completely on event repetition functionality for events that are repeated by the end of each month: It doesn't have such a repetition value like "end of month". And Google Calendar's developers are morons and didn't figured out that event set to repeat on 30th or ...continue reading "Google Calendar event repetition fuckup"


It turns out that number of fuckups and wasted things in the new Google Calendar design gets bigger and bigger. Not only Google Morons introduced a lot of new shits, but also wasted something what was working pretty perfectly in previous ("old") version of Google Calendar! Liked previous post? There's more to come!


A brand, new Google Calendar interface design has flourished recently. Unfortunately, entire power of dev team was spared on changing look & feel. No significant changes in logic & functionality can be observed. Including, still absolute lack of drag-and-drop event copying. Again, Google Idiots failed to discover and develop this awfully obvious functionality!


If you set your Google Calendar's event to be repeated monthly at 31st day of each month, then what would be more reasonable in your opinion: repeat it monthly on every last day of a month -- 31st day of each month, that has 31 days and on 30th (28th or 29th in February) for ...continue reading "End of month Google Calendar fuckup"

Google managed to waste and fuckup even such simple thing, like calendar! Extremely basic, every-day-use tool that should offer maximum comfort, actually pisses off with many small, irritating bugs. Bugs, that Google calls "features" and is not going to fix then at all. We all know that kind of approach, right? Google-thinks-user-is-a-shit(tm). They know better ...continue reading "Mobile Google Calendar fuckups"

Google Calendar is updating its own contents (events data) via AJAX only when user is making manual changes -- i.e. adding, removing or updating events. If it remains open, but unused, it will not update its contents itself periodically. This may lead you to at least confusion, if not a fuckup.

When your session (cookie) is expired (because you have logged out of your Google account in some other tab), in most cases Google Calendar won't be able to handle such situation. Instead of logging you off automatically, it will keep bloating you with messages like "Cannot delete this item now, please try again within few ...continue reading "Google Calendar’s logout fuckup"

I was forced to change my phone to Microsoft Lumia 535. It was my first Windows Phone based device. The phone is generally a good pick (better in many aspects than all my Android-based phones used before). But, since it is (now) designed and produced by Microsoft, it would be impossible for it, to not ...continue reading "List of biggests fuckups in Microsoft Lumias"

Android 4.2 JellyBean has come to my phone this night, so Android Fuckup saga continues. Of course, again, I have lost my nearly entire data plan, during middle of the night, because on of the biggest Android 4.2 fuckups is, that it again download system updates via GPRS, giving a damn shit, whether user decided ...continue reading "Android 4.2. Next child in fuckup-saga!"