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Mobile Google Calendar fuckups

Google managed to waste and fuckup even such simple thing, like calendar!

Extremely basic, every-day-use tool that should offer maximum comfort, actually pisses off with many small, irritating bugs. Bugs, that Google calls "features" and is not going to fix then at all.

We all know that kind of approach, right? Google-thinks-user-is-a-shit(tm). They know better what you need or want. They think, you're a useless shit.

Most irritiating, annoing and pissing off things about Android Calendar are:

  1. You can't change calendar in already saved task! You have to delete it and recreate on a new calendar.
  2. If you edit an item on calendar shared among other user, it will often go wako and suddenly, without any reason, it will covert times to GMT 0, ignoring completely your actual timezone.

  3. Nasty thing about Android is that this system doesn't support checking, if user is working in full-screen or system apps doesn't use that checking. Effect? Every full-screen game experience will always be interrupted by a stupid, nasty calendar popup. Since system (full-screen apps) doesn't handle "wakeup" events too good, each of such "break" will in most cases mean that a game will be frozen / idle for the next 10-20 seconds after you acknowledge such reminder. And in three cases out of five, game will simply crass.

  4. The very same thing goes about picking up the call, which is also a top-most notification, that takes control over even full-screen app.

I'm pretty sure, that you'll find much, much more things like that. I'll apperciate if you put them in the comments, to make Mobile Calendar Fukups list even longer.

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