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The biggest fuckup is Glovo itself

Only a complete moron could design a shopping app in the way like Glovo is. You're warned that your shop supports pickup only at the latest stage of order. When you are trying to set a delivery address. And after you wasted half an hour on completing your order.

Through entire shopping there is no warning that there is a pick-up only option. And, of course -- the shop itself was picked up from the list of groceries from which Glove does deliver.

But, there are way more fuckups in this pathetic app.

Which shop is this?

Glovo thinks that you are a moron and you don't need to know the address or the location of the shop from which you're getting your groceries. If you pick any, you'll see only this:

So, if you live in some big city municipality or metropolis you will have to guess or use Google Maps or sth to actually learn from which shop you're ordering.

To pickup or not to pickup...

Yes, it is true. You can pick the shop from the list of those from which Glovo delivers...

Then you can waste some time on doing shopping in this particular shop:

Only to hit the wall when it comes to paying:


Polish Biedronka is not a shop...

Biedronka is not a grocery, because it has a separate category, next to pharmacies and restaurants. They also have a free delivery (assuming they're delivering from there at all, since they don't from Auchan).

The "speciality" of this shop is also by the way that it is the only item in Glovo for which you can deal a next day delivery. For every other shop you need pickup in current day only.

There are TWO shops!

I keep crying over Biedronka and Auchan, because there are no more shops in Glovo offer.

I live in a huge megapolis, there are hundreds of shops around with at least forty supermarkets and mall chain's departments. But Glovo offers... just two!

I speak English not good, but understand well...

You can't pick or change language version in Glovo. It is always matched to system default language. However, this works only for the application itself. When it comes for the content, you're served with a mixture of languages:

In case you haven't notice, there are three languages in the above screen. Because "codice" is neither English nor Polish. It's Italian! I don't have Italian language even installed on my phone, so I don't have a damn idea from where is it coming from in this dully and stupid app?

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