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Yes, Virginia, Steve Jobs is dead!

Steve Jobs' philosophy was that you should feel like a king or queen from the very first moment when you start opening a package that holds your newest Apple equipment. That is why he was a mad perfectionist about boxes, wrappings, sealings and overall design. And... the magic worked for all those past years. Opening each new Apple box was like a small, private Thanksgiving.

Now, Steve Jobs is long dead. And so is the magic that he brought to life. Now, Apple thinks you are a mindless pieces of shit and a complete moron.

This kind of thinking brought these idiots into showing you this (found inside a package of a brand new iPhone SE 2020):

You see something like a brand new wireless Apple AirPods, worth circa 150 USD.

But, when you actually open that package up, your "wireless" pods magically turns into worth 4 USD wired headphones. Only packed in the way to make you a 100% stupid moron and a naive jerk:

And you so feel yourself. Instead of magic that we had, when Steve Jobs was alive, we have the feeling that we're being treated like a morons and shits.

Thank you, Apple!

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