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List of biggest fuckups in OneDrive

Eleven years after being launched OneDrive still sometimes fails on its key feature -- file sync -- and on some devices it recreates and syncs back files that were actually deleted on some other device.

This is the latest of at least three huge fuckups in this service that finally caused me to say: "Screw you, Microsoft, I am going back to Google!".

The list of biggest fuckups i OneDrive includes:

  1. Recreating files that should be deleted instead. I am tired of controlling OneDrive changes list each time to see, if it didn't go wako this time.
  2. Constantly recreating Attachments and Documents folders. This is so frustrating that I can't find words for that. It can be blocked on Mac, but on Windows or Android or iOS you're forced to delete these two damn folders manually each and every time.

  3. Forcing you to enable photos uploads using even the wildest and the maddest ways, i.e. by claiming that it must be enabled to cleanup a spaces on your device.

  4. Reverting settings to default upon reaching a not accessible file.

  5. Doing some other weird, fortunately rare stupidities like not being able to calculate file length correctly.

There are other things, like cluttering your system menus with OneDrive-related menu items (with no way to turn this off except for messing in Registry) or bumping you with a nag prompting you to upgrade to paid plans over and over again. But, I don't count them in above list, because they're small and not everyone reading this will consider them a fuckups.

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