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HP printers and non-DHCP networks

There is another (next to this one), quite pretty fuckup with HP printer's settings. This time not related to language or location, but to network configuration instead.

On non-DHCP networks printers cannot access Internet out-of-the-box because morons at HP didn't added DNS settings to touchscreen configuration menu.

If your network enforces non-DHCP configuration then you won't be able to grant your HP printer (HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn in my case) access to Internet using touchscreen configuration only. There is no DNS configuration in it.

You're able to change IP address obtaining mode from DHCP to manual, you're able to enter fixed printer's IP address, you can provide network subnet and default gateway's address, but... that's all. Your printer claims that configuration is finished and saved even though it has no DNS addresses provided and therefore, it can't access Internet, Google Cloud Print or HP printing services.

This happens only in manual mode because in DHCP everything works fine...

To fix this problem, you have to change printer's IP address to manual then access its configuration from your browser (Network Identification section) and only from there you can provide a valid DNS addresses to make your printer Internet-aware.

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