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HP printers, set to English, still prints in cyrylic

When running my HP LaserJet Pro M426fdn for the first time I didn't removed touchscreen foil and my finger slipped over when selecting location of my printer. I ended up with having proper language but location set to Estonia and some reports (like Google Cloud Print configuration leaflet) printed in cyrylic (even though entire printer interface was set to English).

Unfortunately, due to extreme stupidity of HP engineers you are forced to perform a full factory reset of your printer in this situation.

There are two huge fuckups here:

  1. Printer prints anything in cyrylic even though it is set to English language. Location of a printer must never influence language of printed materials or interface language. I can go to a long-term business trip to Japan, even though I can speak no word in Japanese. And when I set my printer to English I expect everything to be in English.
  2. Even bigger fuckup is that to change as simple and pointless parameters as printer location you must perform a full factory reset of your hardware. Because, you can only change language of your printer using standard configuration menu.

Yes, it is hard to believe, but this is true.

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