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Sweet fuckup with Air Berlin’s on-line check-in feature

As every nowadays airline, Air Berlin offers on-line check-in feature. There are a lot of stupid fuckups around this, but the biggest one of them is that on-line check-in may not work at all, showing you an empty error frame and leaving you with a dull guessing of what the fuck is going on...

Among these many fuckups you can count two the most significant:

  • no email reminders that on-line check-in is enabled for your flight,
  • no way to reserve seat free of charge, if you don't do check-in first.

But, when you finally decide that you want to go with on-line check-in, then in some occasions you may hit the wall with something as beautiful as this:

Yes! You made some mistake in form below, but even idiots at Air Berlin don't know, exactly what kind of mistake you did and thus are showing you... an empty error frame.

You can't continue to the next step (seat selection), because you form contains errors. And because you don't know, what kind of errors, you can't fix them. Sweet!

After a deep and extended analysis (which took me 15 seconds, but Air Berlin website's engineers are still trying to figure this out) it turned out that moron, who created on-line check-in form doesn't like spaces in passport number field.

Thus, with XX YYYYYYY on-line check-in died completely, while after fixing this to XXYYYYYYY I managed to continue and complete my on-line check-in. ROTFL! :>

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