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Windows Update offline installation fuckup

On just a little bit slower computers running Windows 7 you may experience a really strange "blurry" behavior of Windows Update main screen, when downloading or installing a large amount of updates. But, that's not the only problem with this service. It also get completely wako, if you install certain fixes using offline installation packages.

As for the first fuckup, here's my yesterday capture:


Pretty nice looking, huh? :>

All I had to do, to capture this one, was to run single TeamViewer client download during regular Windows Update service run.

But, second thing I found yesterday was even prettier!

When you have a brand new computer (with base ISO Windows and no updated) then you're Windows Update service will stuck on never-ending searching for a new updates (a pretty fuckup by itself, of course -- never fixed by Microsoft).

To workaround this problem you must disconnect your computer from the Internet, block all automatic Windows Update updates and manually install certain updates using offline packages. After this, your Windows Update service should be back to normal, but you may be a little bit surprised, if you open Windows Update screen.

It turns out that last installation date there is for online installations only:


And may show a date that has nothing to do with the reality:


This is, because dates of installing fixes using offline installation packages are simply ignored by Windows Update service.

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