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Probably the biggest OneDrive fuckup!

We all know about stupidities of recreating Documents folder in OneDrive each time you manually delete it. Something for which Microsoft in general and OneDrive in particular are very, very famous recently.

Today, I found something way bigger. A fuckup that kills everything!

To put this in simple words, if OneDrive (during regular files sync) reaches file, it can't access, it will... reset itself, erasing all your settings.

Yes, this is true. Next time you start OneDrive (or next time, it auto-starts itself) you'll be asked to provide your login, password and to configure OneDrive just as you'd freshly install it a minute ago.

Of, course, by default you'll be asked to use that damn folder inside Users folder. If you're using a different one (i.e. C:\OneDrive etc.) and if you omit changing default folder to yours, you'll end up with two OneDrive folders (one -- the new one -- synced and the other one -- your "old" one -- not synced) and with two sets of your files.

It happened to me, when I copied Axure's shared folder to my OneDrive. Due to its nature, Axure blocks any other program (including OneDrive) from even reading any file within share project's folder, if that share project is currently opened, checked out and being edited in Axure.

I think, that this may deserve for "Golden Fuckup of the Year 2016" title. This is something, only Microsoft can came with!

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