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Hard time unsubscribing from Wizz Air

There's a stupid (hoping temporary) bug in Wizz Air website's configuration causing users, which are trying to unsubscribe from Wizz Air mail offers to see strange errors, they should not ever see.

First fuckup is, that you are not automatically unsubscribed after clicking proper link in each message, but instead have to manually enter email address, you want to unsubscribe. This is enforced by law in many countries, but it looks like Wizz Air does not take even a bit care about that matter.

Second fuckup is, that when you actually enter your email address and hit the Unsubscribe button, you can see as pretty picture as this:

Wizz Air Unsubscribe Error

Isn't that pretty, folks?

5 thoughts on “Hard time unsubscribing from Wizz Air

  1. Frank Boy

    There is no temporary bug. I have tried to unsubscribe for the past three months and it still does not work as of dec, 10 2016

    1. admin

      The general problem with Wizzair unsubscribe is NOT with link (working or not) that points to unsubscribe page, but with the fact that once you unsubscribe you're seeing an error instead of confirmation that your email address has been successfully unsubscribed. Check the screenshot in the post.


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