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A small Google Translate fuckup

Google Translate has a nifty feature of auto-detecting language based on source.

You can even automate this feature (call it directly from your browser's address bar or use it in search engines configuration). This makes things much quicker. The only problem is that sometimes Google Translate "translates" from English to... English!

Here is an example of an URL, I've been talking about:|auto|fuckup

with both source and destination languages set to auto. And get correct translation most times, no matter what source language was.

I just don't get it, what idea is behind setting destination to the same language, as source (auto-detected) is? In most occasions (when using above approach), I'm getting translation... from English to English.

If this isn't another IT fuckup then please, enlighten me, who and when would need translation between two exactly the same languages? Is this still a translation?

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