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Android 4.1 on Google Nexus is also a shit

Android 4.1 came down to my hands, so Android Fuckup Saga continues. Here, you'll find only fresh cookies. I'm not repeating old ones (which you can find here), since this is quite boring. But, yes, there are certain things wasted in 4.0 or even 2.3 and still not fixed up in 4.1. This article is the smallest one in Android Fuckup Saga, because even before finishing and publishing it, an Android 4.2 was released. Thus, most of the bugs (still not fixed in 4.2) went there.

The biggest fuckup of all versions of Android is the fact, that you're getting actually a very limited system with certain functionalities limited beyond imagination. Only Google Fucks could design a mobile system, that ships with absolutely no file manager (and you always have to install third-party application for that) or with launcher unable to rename icons or folders names or changing number of rows and columns over which desktop icons spans (so you have to always install some other launcher to have that basic functionality). It's like selling a car, that doesn't have fuel intake or one of wheels.

There's a completely new version of system camera application along with Android 4.1. Totally useless and wasted. Now, you have an option to set "hot point" -- point on photo, basing on which overall photo sharpness should be calculated. The thing is, that no matter, if you set it manually or let the system set it automatically, sharpness of the photo is nearly always wrong. Installation of Android 4.1 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus has opened an completely new era of making photos for me. Now, if I want to make a photo using my mobile device I always have to do two or three of them. As always at least one of it will be smudged, made in move or either way not sharpen enough.

What actually really ruined me, was a discover, that even in 4.1 you can't simply press an item on your Call Log to popup menu with Remove this item item. Nooooo, waaay! Google knows better, that it is more ergonomic and fun, when to do the same, you have:

  • tap list item once to get to details,
  • find a tiny three dot button and tap it to open sub menu,
  • select an option to remove particular item from recent calls list.


If you feel like not having enough fuckups about Android, then continue to an article) about Android 4.2.

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Happy reading!

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