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You know that PayPal isn't English? It is an AMERICAN English! And if you have any account with non-American nationality, due to large fuckup in PayPal, you can't access neither help system nor contact form. This is another big fuckup found in the world's largest on-line payment platform and it makes me start thinking if my money is as safe as I thought it would be just a few days ago?

When your account has so called non-standard (non-American) nationality, you can only select your own language and English. You can't select U.S. English< because this option isn't available on the list:

And since you're English, not U.S. English, any attempt to open Help Center or Contact Us page ends up with a beautiful error message:

Beautiful fuckup!

I understand that Microsoft Office is eager to secure me as much as it is possible. And therefore there was introduced a "read-only" mode. How Microsoft / Windows / Office "knows" which of my private files come from the Internet and which don't? It gives me the creeps... Moreover, it seems to be a cool, security-oriented feature. But why it works for printing documents too?

What harm can I do myself or to my computer, even though the document contains a malicious code or any other kind of unwanted content if I print it out on a piece of paper? Will that execute some harmful macro? Is there any reason or sense behind this, except for pissing me off each time I have to click on Enable Printing button on such docs?

Linkedin does not use any solution that would presist user state across subdomains, i.e. you can be logged-in on and logged-out (looking at the registration form) on Or any other country-related linkedin subdomain.

In other words, you can display somebody's profile browsing through main domain (e.g. and you're logged in. But when you use the very same guy's national URL (presented below his/her photo), e.g. you'll see a form asking you to either login or register a new account.

What a lame!

If you ever lose your username/login at Clickatell (one of the world's biggest text messaging provider), you won't be able to recover it. Why? Since you go to a login page and click on Forgot username? link, you'll be redirected to... Forgot Password form, where you're asked to provide your... username!

Nice! :] I just love stupid people in the Internet...