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100% according to WinSCP

If you are WinSCP user and any time see something like this:

Then you can safely go and make yourself a coffee. Or a breakfast. Or even get the lunch. Because you know that you will wait... At least next 30-60 minutes!

We don't know what WinSCP is using as a base for calculation of percentage done and time left. But we do now that if you wait next 25 minutes then there will be again 100% done comparing and 0:00:00 time left!

And if you wait another 10 minutes then you will miraculously see yet another 100% done and 00:00 time left!

And, if you think that this is over then you are so wrong. Because here WinSCP required 10 more minutes once more to actually complete the whole process.

In other words... 45 minutes in total has lasted between WinSCP telling you that it is done and actually making the process done.

I don't know what kind of drag WinSCP author is on, but he should take it half...

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