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A pretty fuckup with TeamViewer’s lock

TeamViewer is phasing out their Google Chrome extension. To speed up this process, their are false-blocking their free license users with following message:

There are three stupid fuckups in action here.

First is that their moron developers aren't even able to display correct value of until when a lock will be in force.

Second that timeout mentioned in this message usually happens about 15-30 seconds after actually establishing connection.

And third fuckup is that when you turn off Chrome extension and immediately run full-featured client, you'll see that your account isn't actually blocked, because you have full, uninterrupted in anyway access to the other machines or users.

Turning off TeamViewer client and switching back to Chrome extension reveals that... you're again blocked.

In other words. For:

  • The same account, both yours and the person, you're connecting to
  • The same pair of devices connecting to each other

TeamViewer claims that your account or connection is locked due to breaking free license conditions (when using Chrome extension) or that you have full access (when using full-feature client). So, in other words -- they're lying to you that you're blocked, when in fact you're not blocked at all.

And in addition, they're throwing a stupid 15-30 seconds timeouts at you.

I can't think of worse way of showing users middle finger and forcing them to change software they're using.

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