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Free/Busy feature’s fuckup in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook's offers a support for Free/Busy functionality -- a nifty feature for sharing your calendar details with others, which helps you organise meetings in the moment when every attendee is free for joining it.

Actually, this is an unspoken standard that is also supported in Thunderbird and many other calendars/mail clients. Only in Outlook it is so badly fucked up.

When you open feature's configuration window, you will see that for some wako reason Outlook will try to publish 71 months out of your calendar:

Nobody actually knows, why 71 months? Why not 42 months etc., but this number is so magical to Microsoft than it repeats in every configuration of Free/Busy feature (in Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and others on any computer).

Now, the real fuckup-gem is that with this feature Outlook won't be able (reason unknown) to publish your calendar data to designated FTP server. It will claim that everything is OK, but no data will be actually exchanged and Free/Busy feature won't simply work for you.

To make things more complicated, only Outlook 2016 has a warning message that "71" is an incorrect value. Any other / earlier version will simply allow you to close configuration window, claiming that everything is OK.

To make things even more complicated, the "71" value will be displayed in above window every time you open it. Even, if your actual value is completely different. I.e. you can change this value (i.e. to 2 months), click "OK", close the window and upon next opening you will again see 71.

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