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A simple case: Rent a car at Europcar

I had a simple case. I wanted to rent a car for a week at Europcar. My initial attempt (to provide all the necessary details in an email and receive initial quote through this channel) was bumped with Europcar employee responding to me and advising me to visit instad.

So I did. And here's where all the madness started.

Key problems that I reached:

  1. I was unable to pick any extras (child seats, additional driver) during initial booking because I saw an error: "Sorry, an error occurred, please try again or contact us" instead of list of extras that I can choose at "Step 3. Extras" of Europcar booking engine.
  2. Once booking (without extras!) was done, I was still not able to add needed extras, because after clicking "Modify" and selecting pickup location booking modification page hanged displaying "searching" forever. I wasn't able pick a car (the same) in second step, I wasn't able to go to 3rd point to pick extras and furthermore -- I wasn't able confirm modification of booking in 4th step.

  3. Clicking "Click here to link this reservation to your profile" under my booking lead me to... 404 / Page Does Not Exists page (shock!).

  4. My profile includes non-Latin characters and all of them are displayed incorrectly -- all non-Latin characters are replaced with "?" character thus city in my address is displayed as "?wi?toch?owice" instead of "Świętochłowice" (a bummer).

Some "proofs of concept"? Here we go! Never-ending "searching":

And a 404 bummer after trying to link selected reservation to customer profile:

Not mentioning that if I made a reservation while already being logged into my account then this reservation should be linked to my profile from the very beginning and I shouldn't see that damn link at all!

I understand that Europcar's business model assumes to help customers as little as possible through email and send them all to their website. But... for Got sake... at least make that website working and usable!

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