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Google shared computer browsing fuckup!

When you're using some shared computer (i.e. university, hotel, airport etc.) and you want to get access to your Google services, you have four options:

  • use Guest / Incognito mode,
  • login in Google Chrome browser,
  • login to each service used separately (i.e. Gmail),
  • login to Google account via

Since you're cleaver user, you will most likely use Ctrl+Shift+Delete to purge browser out of private data. Great!

If you selected second option above (i.e. login to Google) then now you're really screwd! Next time you wake up you'll see your account completely purged out of all your private data.

The cause for the entire situation is here:

Google share computer browsing. Clearing

I have no bloody idea, what is the reason for purging your entire account of all your private data, if you only want to clear one single computer out of it. Someone must hit his head at Google. Really hard. Many times.

Thus, before doing, what is shown on above screenshot, you must log out of Google Account in Chrome:

Google share computer browsing. Disconnecting

Failing to do so will result in your passwords and other sensitive data (depending on your selection) to be wiped out form your Google account and from all your devices that are syncing data with it. Pretty fukky, huh?

There are solutions for this problem, but not all of them may be used in certain situations. In worst case scenario you're screwed with all your sensitive data permanently lost.

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