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A shit called Enterprise Architect 7 and 8

Ever wondered, if someone could design a program, who is saving changes without asking user for a permission to do so? Well... the answer is yes! There's even more. You must pay hundreds of bugs for shit-software, that do things like that. You don't believe? Well then, take a look at Enterprise Architect 8's Project Browser tree.

Auto-save, no-undo madness

tl;dr The most critical operation (deleting whole diagram from Project Browser or any item of it) cannot be undone (Undo function does not work for changes in Project Browser) and is immediately saved (changes in Project Browser are auto-saved and there is not way to turn this feature off). In other words -- once you delete something, you're screwed and there is nothing you can do about it, except for carefully re-drawing entire diagram from scratch. Madness!

Can someone explain me, how stupid you have to be to design (or to buy) a program:

  • which saves changes without asking you to confirm that,
  • even when asking you to confirm, and you pick No, saves changes even so,
  • in which you can open any file, immediately close it and it will be modified,
  • overwrites existing diagrams without confirmation,
  • have major changes to document structure taken away from Undo/Redo sequence and does not allow you to revert any operation.

I would really, really would like to meet a fuck, who designs shit like this and to listen to his logic explained, why he did designed a shit like this?

I would really, really like to meed all the fucks, that thinks, that this is the best software in the world. Idiots!

While learning this piece of crap, I made some serious changes to one of the projects. For the first time, I was shocked to find out, that I can't undo all these changes, because Undo option is not available for changes in Project Browser. In this case, it turned out, that actually messed up so badly, that the only hope was in closing project without save, reopening it and starting whole work from scratch. I was more than shocked to find out, that even I picked No in question asking me, whether I want to save my changes, the stupidity-of-all-stupidities named Enterprise Architect 8 actually have saved all the changes made by me to Project Browser.

I can't even imagine, how deeply in ass I'd be, if I haven't got version control system behind, that could come to the rescue and revert all changes made by that shitful piece of IT crap!

What is actually being deleted?

To make things even harder let me tell you, that objects in designer and nodes in Project Browser, even though each of them refers to the same entity, are completely not connected. I.e. you can delete an object in designer, but corresponding Project Browser's node will remain. When you select any node in Project Browser, corresponding object in designer will not be selected. So, if you're trying to delete an unnamed object (i.e. unnamed decision), you never know, what you're actually deleting. And since delete can't be undone...

The same thing goes, when pasting objects (see details on pasting below). You can select any partition before pasting, stupidly hoping, that you're going to paste object or object into it. No way. They'll be most likely pasted to the root node in Project Browser, not to selected partition's node. More! You can have any node in partition's node and when pasting some completely unrelated object to the designer, you may find out, that suddenly out of nowhere that unrelated node "jumped off" partition node, again back to root node. Following madness described in these two paragraphs and you can imagine, that after spending only half an hour with Enterprise Architect 8 and after drawing only a simple diagram, you'll most likely end up with an believable mess in Project Browser.

First copy, second copy and copy-of-copy

Let's go a little bit further, again with idiotic Project Browser. A copy-of-copy (second copy) is not equal to either original or second copy. Suppose, you have diagram A in tree and you need to have diagram B and C as an exact copy of diagram A. So, you copy A as B and at this point everything is OK. Copied diagram has all object (nodes, entities) correctly partitioned, just like in diagram B. Then you copy B as C and... bam! You get exact copy in the designer, but in Project Browser you get all objects mixed and thrown into main node with all partitions completely empty. If you delete this fuckup and go the opposite way -- i.e. copy A as B and then again copy A as C -- then... everything will be fine! Again, you'll get all objects in Project Browser in correct order, that is -- correctly partitioned into partitions. Madness!

The toolbar Sparx-way

Take a look and following serie of screenshot, how certain icons in bottom toolbar looked in Enterprise Architect 7.5:


First question. How it is possible and what kind of morons must be hired at Sparx, that allows this kind of bug to pass four different groups of people (architects, developers, testers and sellers), when regular user is able to catch this within 30 seconds?

And now, second question. Assuming, that bug was finally discovered and reported to Sparx, how much time must pass until a fixed version of world-famous, deadly expensive software is released? Well, the answer is... five years!


Yes, you've heard it. Take a look at above screenshot. Codebase version from 2004, still sold (and marketed under "copyrights") in 2009...

Want some more?

Still not convinced, that Enterprise Architect 8 is a one, big piece of IT shit? Then take this -- you can carefully, manually move each item in Project Browser to proper sub-group (partition) only to find out, that after saving, closing and reopening your project, they're again all messed up in root node!

More? OK, here we go! There's a whole completely new stupidity with pasting itself. You can't have two exactly the same objects on one diagram, so pasting new one always ends up with seeing an idiotic error message "The diagram already contains an instance of the element you are trying to paste. Currently, only one instance is supported, so you cannot paste the element here". And OK button to acknowledge this information. Now, tell me, how extremely stupid idiot you have to be to, knowing this, to bind this operation (that actually never works) to all-known Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut? In the result, billions of users around the world are using this shortcut in million of programs, but in one exceptional Enterprise Architect you have to use Ctrl+Shift+V to actually paste an object to diagram. Because, when you use the default one, you will always hit the wall. Or... again, knowing above, how stupid you must be, to not design above mentioned error message box with additional text of "Would you like to paste this object as a new copy" and Yes/No buttons?

Still want more? You can't copy-paste objects between two files. Enterprise Architect 8 uses some kind of weird clipboard and forces you to use export and import features to copy some diagrams between two files. But... that's not all. If you provide an incorrect file name (i.e. containing some illegal characters or in invalid path) and hit Export, stupid Enterprise Architect 8 will tell you, that export was successful, even though it actually exported anything.

And another thing about export and import. If you import a series of diagrams and one of them is named exactly as another diagram, that is already existing, a complete shit called Enterprise Architect 8 will overwrite that diagram, causing you to loose your job, without even a tiny confirmation of this destructive operation.

Summary of a shit

If you're going to (or are forced to) use Enterprise Designer, then be prepared, that many of world-wide-known-and-used keyboard shortcuts are redefined in this program. For example, thousands of programs around the world are using Ctrl+W shortcut to close active document in multi-document application. Enterprise Architect 8 is also a multi-document application, but is again an exceptional in this case. Because, here, pressing Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut will trigger New Model Package dialog box instead of closing active document.

5 thoughts on “A shit called Enterprise Architect 7 and 8

  1. Kaźmierz

    I am using Enterprise Architect 12. And You know what? You still cannot undo some actions. I just accidentaly touched "delete" key on my keyboard. Whole class package is gone. 3 hours of work for nothing.

    Fuck this shit. I hope I will never be forced to use this crap again.

  2. B.anas

    i have googled "entreprise architect shit" and i found directly this great tutoriel about this fucking piece of shit called EA , either in 2018 with their latest EA 14 !!

  3. vrno

    I came here because EA Sparx version is so fucked up that I eneterd words fucked up EA Sparx in Google - and came here. I felt instant relief as now I knew I am not imagining, that EA SPARX IS REALLY REALLY VERY FUCKED UP SOFTWARE. BUT EVEN MORE FUCKED UP WHO BUY THIS PIECE OF SHIT. THIS CRAP. THEY ARE CRAZIER THAN MORONS FROM EA SPARX

  4. vrno

    did you know that in the fuckup of the century version 13 one - cannot Select All elements on a diagram?! WTF?? Hallo morons. If you continue this shit path, I'll personally come to your establishments and pay you a visit. And I'll bring a bag of shit with me so that you can smell the shit you produce on regular basis

    1. admin

      In this world, that we're living today, it is still a very relief that you are only planning on bringing a bag of shit with you, not a gun! :>

      Calm down, man! :> You're not going to change the world and you certainly not going to change the way EA Sparx's fucks are thinking, if you get killed yourself in some kind of heart attack etc.! :>


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