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List of biggests fuckups in Opera

I was forced to change browser to Opera after years of using Chrome. The key reason was an absolute lack of Chrome on Windows Mobile and the fact, that on Android it was one of the worst, lest stable and most buggy apps, that I ever used. However, as I may expect, Opera is also full of fuckups, that are only waiting...

I'm just beginning my dance with Opera. You may expect, a whole lot of updates to this blog post.

Here we go:

1. A real gem! Opera completely ignores drop target, when editing new e-mail or reply in Gmail. Dropping any image on message editor, instead of attaching dropped file to message being currently edited, causes... Opera to redirect entire webpage to that dropped file! Good, that Gmail handles draft saves really quickly, because you could waste a whole lot of time spent on writing that message. You'll be forced to use stupid Attach button, to add any image to Gmail's message. Madness!

2. You have to mess like a hell, all around internal Opera configuration files, to get rid of default search engines. Opera is certainly being paid for forcing users to use this crap, like Yahoo, so is doing a really good job of making removal of them as hard as possible.

3. Go to web address in context menu works (appears) only for pure-text webpages. It is not available for all edit fields, which means, that you'll have to go through dully copy-paste process each time you want to open URL stored in some field, in another tab. First of many things, that worked like a charm in Chrome and is completely wasted in Opera.

4. While selecting text and picking Search works fine and opens search engine page in a new tab, mentioned Go to web address opens clicked URL in... current tab. Imagine using this feature on any link, that you receive in your Gmail, only to find out, that Gmail is gone and selected links opens in the same window. Madness.

5. You can't create a web shortcut, by simply dragging webpage's icon (the one next to URL in omni-bar) and dropping it on your Windows desktop. Fukky Opera devs didn't figure out this feature. You have to copy URL to clipboard, create new shortcut using Windows and paste copied URL as shortcut's target. Another thing, that worked lightning fast in Chrome, that requires many stupid and time-wasting moves in Opera.

6. Search term, entered into search box is not retained between tabs. If you want to search for the same thing on many pages, opened in many tabs, then you have to manually enter it, again and again, on every tab.

7. Windows programs can change color of their button on task bar, to notify user, that something happened in them, that maybe requires its attention. In Opera even this is wasted. After having Opera opened and running in background for 20-30 minutes, its taskbar's button will always be red. Not only this is misleading (nothing happened in browser, notification is not required) but also can't be removed. Opera's button on taskbar will remain red forever, until you restart the program.

8. Opera has an idiotic keyboard shortcut of Ctrl + Space, that opens empty tab (Speed Dial) in current tab. A note for people, who are typing on keyboard without looking at it -- I can't count how many times I have lost current page and selection (and was forced to press Back, then find proper place on page and then select proper part of text again) only because my finger slipped off and I pressed Ctrl + Space accidentally instead of pressing Ctrl + C to copy text.

9. There is a funny way, how Opera developers understands "remove user data" term. I have uninstalled Opera from my computer, checking that option. After I reinstalled it back, it turned out, that not only all my private user data is still there, but I'm also logged in to the Opera sync account, that I was logged in, when uninstalling that piece of crap. Lame!

This is only the beginning of this list. But, it won't be continued. After struggling with Opera two months I decided, that it is developed by morons and only morons should use it and reverted back to Chrome.

The only reason for which I changed Chrome to Opera, after using it for five or more years, was a promise that Opera for Windows Mobile will start syncing data (bookmarks, passwords etc.) with December 2015 update. This would make Opera the only browser available to Windows Phone market, that has sync feature and can sync data with desktop counterpart (Firefox and Chrome for Windows Mobile won't be developed ever). This promise, of course, turned out to be a lie. There was no update and in the same time nothing kept me tighten to shit called Opera. Bye, fuckers!

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