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Outlook’s reply-to-yourself and other fuckups

I have never been using Microsoft Outlook, because this piece of software is huge, ugly and stupid. And most of all, it is a local, desktop program, thus (on contrary to all kind of webmails) you must install it anywhere in order to use it. Few days ago I was forced to start using this crap and I must admit, that Microsoft Fucks continues their long journey of bringing stupidity and fuckabillity to the highest levels.

I'm replying to myself!

There aren't many people on this damn planet, who would like to send e-mails to themselves, right? Actually, aside Microsoft Fucks and some weird, mentally-fucked bimbos, there are none of such. For this reason, a really vast number of mail programs implements a functionality, which allows you to click Reply on your own message (stored in Outbox or Sent items mailbox), sent to someone, and to send another message to that person, not to yourself. This is really convenient, because it allows you to send message after message to the same person, even if he or she hasn't replied you yet, without need to play with dully forward-thing and stupid copy-pasting of recipient e-mail address.

Unfortunately, this deadly obvious idea has passed out brainless minds of Microsoft Fucks and in the result, they've developed a terribly huge mailing client, in which when you click Reply on your own message and sent it, you will send it to yourself.

Other fuckups

Outlook has a very large active area for Delete button. Actually clicking in entire column with this button will trigger deletion process. And -- of course -- there is absolutely no undo operation for this. So, now, imagine situation, where you have some very, very old post in your Inbox, that you accidentally delete, because you hit Delete button, while you only wanted to select that e-mail to read in. And now what, Bill? The only option you're left is to browser your bin to seek through maybe hundreds of e-mails and try to find that old one and to bring it back to Inbox. Madness!

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