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No static IP networking on Lumia devices

The biggest fuckup of all Nokia / Microsoft Lumia phones is, that you can't manually configure your Wi-Fi connection. You must use DHCP. If your local network does not offer this feature, you simply can't use that network. And you're sucked!

Most people, who have never been using Lumia-like devices, will be shocked, that due to Microsoft ignorance they're forced to connect to DHCP networks only. People are voting to have such feature implemented, but Microsoft of course doesn't give a shit of votes like that.

Some people reported, that when their devices had this feature enabled (on certain pre-official release), it was system wide setting, not network-based, which mean, that they were forced to use static IP addressing across all WiFi network, they were using. Madness!

But, there's something more. If you do have DHCP server enabled on your router / in your local network, but it is assigning "non-standard" address pool (not starting from 192.168.1.x, for example -- starting from, you will not be able to access this network as well. Your phone or tablet will detect that WiFi network (even hidden one), try to access it, request you to provide network key, and... then claim, that network is not responding. All other wireless devices around you (and damn Lumia), having exactly the same settings, network key etc., will be connecting to this network at once and without any problems. Lumia don't.

Microsoft always had, from the very beginning, a shit in a pocket. Even on nearly-perfect solutions, like Windows XP or Windows 7, you could always find, sooner or later, some extreme idiotic madness. Non-static, DHCP-forced WiFi networks are that kind of shit in the pocket for Lumia devices. A very good smartphones and tablets from nearly every other perspective.

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