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KitKat Fuck — The Fuckup of the Year 2014

There are new, enhanced security settings in KitKat, which causes, that you (the device owner) can't copy files directly to Downloads folder. Well... you can, only these files are not visible on your device once you access this folder. This is first of fuckups on Android 4.4 KitKat. And so... the Google Android Fuckup Saga continues.

Increased "security" for Download folder

As every Android, KitKat ships with no file browser on-board. You have to install any external program, to be actually able to browse files on your own device. Only Google Fucks knows, how it is possible to ship an entire operating system, with no way to browse files on it. But that's not a point. The point is, that the only files and folders, accessible without instaling external, 3rd party file browser are:

  • pictures (accessible via Gallery),
  • movies (accessible via Gallery or any other video player),
  • files in Download folder.

So, up until KitKat, if I wanted to copy some non-media files, without need of installing third party file browsers, all I had to do, was to copy them to Download folder on external memory and browse them, using Download icon / application.

Now, for the reason beyond my imagination, dev morons have "strengthen" security by changing the way you access files in Download folder. If you connect your device to your computer via USB and copy files to this folder, they'll be... still invisible to you! Open Download program and see No files message. Tapping Refresh bring no effect.

You have to actually download these files to see them in this folder! I forced myself to prove Android's developers stupidity by setting up a local web server putting exactly the same files -- as I just copied to Download folder -- and downloading them from my device's web browser. Effect? Exactly the same files were put to Download folder. Now, I was able to see contents.

Of course, don't expect KitKat to take too much care about possible overwriting existing files with the same name. Since before these files were there, but were invisible to you and only after you "downloaded" them, they appeared to you, then they may easily be overwritten. No harm, right. Google philosophy simply kills me!

KitKat won't let you copy files to your device... at all!

Starting with Android 4.0 an USB support has been removed and replaced with a disaster-solution called MTP (details in Android and a shit called MTP post). However, under KitKat, cosmic stupidity of Android developers has actually reached the stars. This protocol is so unstable under KitKat 4.4.2, that you're not able to copy any files to your own device. So, by removing native USB support, with Android 4.4.2 KitKat, Google Fucks has left you with nothing to sync files between your device and your computer.

Now, in KitKat, you don't even have to move your device or touch your USB cable, to lost connection (over MTP) between your mobile device and your computer. Now, all you have to do, to get completely screwed is:

  • plugs these two devices together,
  • wait until your device appears in Windows,
  • open source folder window (any on your disk),
  • open destination folder (any on your mobile device),
  • select some files or folders in source and drag them to destination.

Copy process starts and stops after sending about 10-20 files. On Windows side, copy progress freezes forever. On Nexus side, you see beautiful message saying that process is halted.

At this point there isn't much things, you can do. You just cancel copy process on both sides, unplug and replug USB cable on any side, and repeat above steps to start copy process again. Next time maybe you'll be lucky enough to copy thirty or fifty files until entire thing goes shit again. If you're a bad boy, entire process will halt after copying just one file.

The only fix or work-around to this problem (to not to break my tablet with a hammer), I found out, was as stupid as setting up local FTP server (Baby FTP Server was ideal for this kind, one-time solution) and installing FTP client to my Nexus and then copying files that way, through FTP protocol.

Since this is The Fuckup of the Year 2014, let me repeat and bold the key thing: In the beginning of year 2014, one of the most advanced mobile operating systems (Android 4.4.2 KitKat) on-board one of the most advanced mobile tablets (ASUS Nexus 7 II LTE) dies after copying twenty files. This is maddness, signed by Google and Android developers, that is beyond any criticism or comment. Or maybe, there can be one comment: Stop using Android at all! Fuck'em all! Go to Apple or Windows!

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