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Intel Jobs fuckup

One day I found a job offer at Intel that I could apply for. So I decided to do it.

What I have found in apply form was nothing else than a pure madness and fuckup after fuckup. I though that "great Intel" will provide me with perfectly working job application system. Turned out, I was wrong. The bigger company you're dealing with the worst job application process you're about to go through.

Remember that...

First thing that caught me, was an enormously long form, where I had to precisely enter each field. Something like we knew years ago. Forget about simply submitting your perfectly prepared CV and resume letter and applying using those documents!

Intel does provide you with ability to upload such to read some fields out of it. But, as most solutions of that kind, it fails at every step and fills your application form with some garbage. But, that was nothing. That was only the beginning.

What I have found in Intel Jobs application form was:

1. Intel knows better, where you have studied! If your university is not among list available to Intel, you simply can't select it. And you have to lie that you've studied in a different university, college or school than you actually did.

2. For some education entries, application form blocks you from continuing to next step, claiming that end date for that particular education level can't be before start date. Seems reasonable.

The only problem is that you're actually don't enter start date to this application form! Only end date. So, how can it be too early or what should I change to fix that error? After wasting five minutes on fighting with that non-sense error message (only for last education level, rest were OK) I finally "solved" it by entering some untrue value.

Cool, isn't it? First step of long application process (education part) and I had to lie two times, because I was unable to enter true, real values.

3. Similar error, as described in point 1, comes at second step of application form -- work experience.

Even though you check "Current Job", form's validator checks value entered into "End Date" field for that "current" job entry and argues about incorrect value there (The value in the field _Start Date_ cannot be after the value in the field _End Date_.).

To solve this problem, you have to select Month as a value in Month field and Year for Year field. Madness! Did they hired some school-boy or very beginning developer to write this application form?

Isn't that big, after all -- someone could say. Right. Isn't that all for a small recruitment company. But is far enough for a large, international company with more than a hundred locations and more than a thousand open job offers at once.

If that wouldn't be enough for you, conside this, that you'll find similar number of fuckups in job listings!

For example -- Javascript on listings page overwrites middle mouse button click (normally used to open link in a new tab) and forces you to load particular job offer right in a main window. You can't even use context menu with "Open in a new tab" position, because this is also overwritten and though you click on a particular link, you get another jobs listing opened in a new tab.

In other words, at Intel Jobs there is no way to do something such obvious and convenient in the same time, like opening all interesting job offers at once, each in a separate tab. Instead, you're getting yourself into endless click-back chain, which we all know, worked fine about ten years ago or so.

Plus some technical issues, like you're not able to search within a continent or a region (for example: Europe, Middle East etc.) only in a particular country or in the entire world. And you can't use more than a three locations at once, so forget about defining interesting region manually.

There are also some slight and misleading issues with jobs' categories. For example, Software Engineering is a separate top-level category, extracted from IT (strange) and even so, some software-related jobs are not in any of these two categories (I found some lab-oriented job offer with a lot of Matlab software working, placed in Engineering category). This is probably, because Intel still uses old, one-category job offer tagging system, while using flexible multi-tag taggins system was proven to be way much efficient years ago.

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