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Today’s Google Wallet serious fuckups

For several hours today, there were many fuckups in Google Wallet.

I can clearly see, that Google is introducing some serious changes to Google Wallet. But, why did they let themselves to run into situation, where current version works so badly?

These fuckups were including:

  • no way to login via mobile devices, displaying information that a new version of GW is coming up instead,
  • empty contents of sub-pages (like not showing any of cards / accounts on Payments Methods page, no transactions on Transactions pane),
  • ??2012 Google in each page's footer,
  • some strange error messages (i.e. "There were a problem with the application") on correctly finished operations (i.e. removing payment method).

After all, this is about our money, right? Not many other areas of our lives are so imporant. There is no spaces for fuckups here. But Google agains introduces some exceptions.

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