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Why Disk Management is a shit?

Try to follow these steps:

  • run Computer Management,
  • select Disk Management,
  • select some disk,
  • right click it and select Properties from context menu,
  • run Scandisk from opened dialog and finally
  • close the Computer management main window.

Did everything has just stop?

Scandisk run in this way is executed in some weird dependence to Computer Management tool and not as separate service. If you close Computer management, this will also close Properties dialog and running Scandisk.

Without warning or question to confirm. Also in the middle of scanning disk.

I was shocked to find out that two hours of scanning my new 3 TB hard drive went to hell, because I accidentially closed Computer management tool, when Scandisk was near 95% of surface scan.

Yeap... Microsoft... you hiring morons that codes shit for you... I'm telling you that...

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