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Undeletable printer

If your printer, that you're not using anymore, keeps appearing in Control Panel > Printers after you delete it many times, try to instead first double click it to find what is being printed on it? You my find some long forgotten document (some times waiting months for printer to be again connected) that is preventing printer from disappearing from the list of printers for good.

Try to cancel this document using Document menu (or hiting Delete after selection) or to cancel all documents using Printer menu. Nine attempts out of ten will fail and document will still be remaining on list of documents. But after trying to remove / cancel / delete such document for some times and then again try to remove printer, you'll be finally successful at some point.

Don't blame your printer or anyone around you. It is another Windows stupidity out of long, long list of bugs in this system. Windows seems to be just unable to remove printer that has some documents waiting to be printed on it.

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