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A famous (the most popular?) web development language -- PHP -- completely can't work with Oracle database (the most popular RDBMS for high-end business solutions), if connection is UTF-8 or UTF-16 encoded.

This bug has been reported for the first time... seven years ago (!!!) and still hasn't been fixed, though to fix it, dev team would have to change one line of the source code (!!!) and recompile sources. So, it seems this is one of the biggest IT fuckups ever.

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Windows treats ZIP files like folders, you say, right?

If you still believe in such bullshit then try to:

  • open some ZIP file,
  • select some or all files,
  • press Ctrl+X to cut them,
  • navigate to some destination folder and
  • press Ctrl+V to paste copied files.

This simple operation can take hours on Windows!

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